The spring 2019 to female bag

Spring flowers, beautiful flowers for the earth have added more colors. At this time, buy a suitable handbags, let you have a good mood every day, relaxed faced with work and life. In this, the small make up for you recommend a few beautiful bag suits spring.

Introduction: this bag bag with serpents chose magenta quality leather collocation, using traditional metal buckles, with adjustable shoulder strap length of cortex, and shoulder strap and removable, already can portable, and single back. This packet USES the folding design, positive looks, magenta foil below, in the black of both showed the spring is in the air, and won’t let a person feel too outstanding.

Introduction: this bag bag read more

Items like leather briefcases, custom made handbags

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How To Choose The Bag For The Man

how to choose a men's bag

Bag — the invariable companion of any city dweller. It has to be the beautiful, convenient and durable accessory which is ideally emphasizing style of the owner.

Main types of men’s bags

Man purse — one of the most popular and demanded men’s accessories for every day. It is a great choice for convenient carrying standard set of things (keys, a notebook and the handle, documents, a purse). Classical parameters of a bag for every day: compactness, square shape, an eyelet for a wrist or the handle for carrying in a hand (there can be a system of fastening to a belt of trousers or a removable strap for carrying at a shoulder).

Leather briefcase — the choice of business people. The accessory read more

How to choose a summer bag

Summer bag

It is almost impossible to present the woman who will dare to leave the house without handbag. The broadest variety of stylish options allows to pick up an accessory to every image and mood, by every season. If it is accepted to carry the waterproof materials bags differing in thickness, density and “sad” color scales in the winter, then for summer it is possible to choose the air and original models pleasing a look with interesting forms, materials and coloring.

What bag to choose for the summer

choose a summer bag

If you the ardent fan of current trends and actively follow the fashion, it is recommended to pay attention to the most popular models of summer bags: wattled accessories. Excellent lungs and capacious read more

Selection Colour Of Bags

select colour bag

Bag — an accessory on which perception of an image of the woman in general therefore it is very important to choose it correctly depends. It is optional to select this detail of clothes to match with footwear or clothes, today it is worth trying to pick up clothes under already available fashionable bag. Options of combinations are various: it is only necessary to know the general recommendations of how it is correct to carry it.

Councils of stylists

colour of bag

Stylists draw the attention of women that today the coloring of a leather handbag can be selected without thinking about tone of footwear. And if you want to be in a trend, it is necessary to read more

Care of leather bags

Genuine leather bags — the effective and stylish accessory faultlessly suitable to any image. That the product long time kept initial appeal and a luster, it is necessary to choose correctly means and to look after in due time elegant attribute.

How to look after a leather bag: basic rules of operation

leather care

Care of a leather bag consists not only in the correct storage or removal of pollution, but also adequate use. That the accessory pleased as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

Genuine leather does not pass moisture, but can be spoiled by excessive abundance of water. To avoid a deplorable outcome it is necessary to process a product special protective substances from time to time (tokonole, read more