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Care of leather bags

Genuine leather bags — the effective and stylish accessory faultlessly suitable to any image. That the product long time kept initial appeal and a luster, it is necessary to choose correctly means and to look after in due time elegant attribute.

How to look after a leather bag: basic rules of operation

leather care

Care of a leather bag consists not only in the correct storage or removal of pollution, but also adequate use. That the accessory pleased as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

Genuine leather does not pass moisture, but can be spoiled by excessive abundance of water. To avoid a deplorable outcome it is necessary to process a product special protective substances from time to time (creams, sprays, other — the choice of optimum and  care product depends on material and preferences of the owner). The main thing governed — before operation of attribute to wait for full drying of the protectant.
If the handbag had to visit in the rain or plentiful snowfall, you should not dry at once it the hair dryer or to stack on the hot battery — the product will perfectly dry independently at the room temperature.
That the handbag kept initial forms, you should not use it for carrying heavy things as over time material will stretch and be deformed.

Try to avoid hit on a product perfumery and cosmetics.

Correct care of a bag from genuine leather: features of storage of an accessory
For maintaining visual appeal and practicality of a bag it is necessary to satisfy a number of conditions:
first of all it is worth remembering that air access — the most important aspect of the correct storage of a leather thing (it is not strongly recommended to hide material in plastic bags); as a rule, paint on products is very sensitive to ultra-violet radiation — it is recommended to protect handbags from long influence of direct sunshine; when cleaning skin in house conditions it is impossible to apply aggressive substances (gasoline, acetone, other).

Genuine or imitation leather: basic rules of cleaning of a product of pollution

care leather bags

Smooth skin. Correctly to look after a product it is recommended to use dry or damp cleaning. In the first case soft fabric is applied. For elimination of strong pollution it is possible to use the soft sponge moistened in solution of warm water and soap (after the procedure material is wiped with dry fabric).

Damp cleaning assumes use of solution of citric acid (one teaspoon on water liter).

Leatherette with a fleecy surface (velor or nubuck). The appeal of artificial materials with a soft gentle surface does not leave doubts, but such bag demands the most delicate leaving. Correctly to look after velor bags you should get a special brush for removal of dust, a zasalivaniye and rain spots. As a rule, house conditions are not suitable for intensive cleaning, but it is possible to try to process material pyatnovyvodyashchy spray or solution of liquid ammonia (a teaspoon on a glass of water).

How to look after a varnish handbag. That varnish bags kept initial appeal the maximum time, it is not recommended to carry an accessory if air temperature exceeds a mark of 25 degrees or lower than 15 degrees fall. Otherwise patent leather quickly loses initial elasticity and durability, stretching and bursting. Regular use of special aerosols and creams — pledge of durability and faultless smoothness of a varnish covering.

Effect imitation leather bag (material, changing color or artificially made old). Products attract with practicality — material is perfectly restored, has high durable properties and ability to push away moisture. Similar accessories are very unpretentious in leaving (when developing scratches the deformed surface can be pounded manually before total disappearance of defect).

Models with stamping or the options imitating the invoice of a cover of reptiles. Such handbag demands special leaving and is cleaned only with soft woolen fabric. Damp home care is not recommended to be carried out.

Features of care of materials of different flowers

White accessories. If in your clothes there are products of white color, it is recommended to refuse classical options with citric acid or liquid ammonia. For a white genuine or imitation leather bag it is better to use mix of milk and the beaten egg white (cow’s milk perfectly deletes pollution and softens structure of material).

The white handbag can be cleaned from small pollution with usual wet towel wipes or dry woolen fabric.

Brown products. For care of a leather covering it is possible to distinguish the coffee thick wrapped in a soft napkin from all variety of means. Such method not only deletes pollution, but also gives to a product an additional pleasant color. After processing material should be wiped with damp fabric immediately.

Black classics. An optimum way of processing — lemon juice. The main thing governed — not to allow excessive blotting.

What cannot be done

Not to spoil an accessory, is strongly recommended to refuse the following actions:

  • use of aggressive substances (acids, solvents);
  • use of abrasive materials (emery paper, rigid brushes)

If you are not sure that you will cope with a problem in house conditions, it is better to address in a dry-cleaner.

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