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How to choose a summer bag

Summer bag

It is almost impossible to present the woman who will dare to leave the house without handbag. The broadest variety of stylish options allows to pick up an accessory to every image and mood, by every season. If it is accepted to carry the waterproof materials bags differing in thickness, density and “sad” color scales in the winter, then for summer it is possible to choose the air and original models pleasing a look with interesting forms, materials and coloring.

What bag to choose for the summer

choose a summer bag

If you the ardent fan of current trends and actively follow the fashion, it is recommended to pay attention to the most popular models of summer bags: wattled accessories. Excellent lungs and capacious bags for the summer which can be used for campaigns on picnics or beach vacation; clutches. In the summer the tiny models differing in elegance and capable to give to the owner femininity and grace are fashionable; backpacks. Long ago times when the backpack was a part of tourist, sports or especially youth style sank into oblivion. The summer season dictates own rules — bright and stylish backpacks can be combined with any image; bright novelty — accessories with transparent elements. Stylists and fashionable designers recommend to carry in the summer of a product, the handbags which are not hiding contents; bags suitcases. The fashionable accessory lost initial purpose, now it can be carried daily; bags “oversize”. Practical models from soft suede or textiles have to be, first of all, practical and convenient. The large volume of a product allows to take with itself the mass of useful things or to go to shopping.

What color there has to be a summer bag

Today “bright, juicy shades and their most courageous combinations run the show”. But the fashion does not refuse also reserved, noble tones. Lovers of dark deep tones are recommended to pick up color in scale blue, cobalt, sapphire or green. Fans of noble, respectable styles can choose color of a bag in difficult brown shades. Original combinations are specially designed for status ensembles in classical style.

Bright summer colors have to become bright accent of an image. At the peak of popularity saturated red tone, a fuchsia, orange and citreous options. Accessories of a deep shade of a young grass will become gentle accent.

How to pick up a bag: fashionable novelties of a season
We refuse long thongs. Regardless of the size and design of an accessory, great ladies are offered to carry products in palms or on a wrist. The similar measure has to emphasize fragility, femininity and natural grace of the owner.

summer bag color

Forms of animals. The design thought does not know borders. Summer handbags took the most original shape — on podiums accessories in the form of elephants, kittens, the woods, pandas and other representatives of fauna flash. You want to stand out from the crowd — it is a high time to choose a product in the form of an animal.

Inanimate objects. An original trend — accessories in the form of decorative caskets, road signs, boxes for tools and even laundry detergent.

Free hands. If shoulders were exempted from thongs, and there is not enough freedom of movement, your choice — compact models with fastening on a belt.

How to decorate a summer bag with the hands
You have no desire to pursue fashion or to foresee what elements will be relevant in future season? The best way to stand out from the crowd and will always begin to remain in a trend the jewelry created by own hands.

It is possible to pick up a handbag of any form and to turn it into the present work of art as follows:

to decorate a handbag with decorative handles and thongs. It can be the large bracelets replacing a handle or long wattled cords with various decor (beads, tapes); stripes and stickers, brooches or leather flowers, decorative rivets will give accessories new presentable and very interesting look; it is possible to decorate a product with a fringe;
favourably also suspended ornament the hands will brightly look (tiny koshelechka, brelka, beads on tapes);
drawing print. Open in yourself creative talents and use the bothered accessory as a canvas.

Correctly picked up summer handbag — pledge of great mood.

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