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How To Choose The Bag For The Man

how to choose a men's bag

Bag — the invariable companion of any city dweller. It has to be the beautiful, convenient and durable accessory which is ideally emphasizing style of the owner.

Main types of men’s bags

Man purse — one of the most popular and demanded men’s accessories for every day. It is a great choice for convenient carrying standard set of things (keys, a notebook and the handle, documents, a purse). Classical parameters of a bag for every day: compactness, square shape, an eyelet for a wrist or the handle for carrying in a hand (there can be a system of fastening to a belt of trousers or a removable strap for carrying at a shoulder).

Leather briefcase — the choice of business people. The accessory faultlessly approaches to store documents and to have to them fast access. Some models can be completed in addition with belts for carrying on a shoulder.

The diplomat — strict solid “fellow” of a portfolio. The accessory is carried out with a rigid framework and equipped with reliable fasteners (coded locks or elements with a key), has one office for documents. The product for reliable storage of documents allows to get fast and convenient access to them.

Bag through a shoulder. Feature of a product — completely free hands and existence of a long wide belt (as a rule, it is an adjustable element, at some models in addition there are humeral slips). The following models are distinguished from a huge variety of bags through a shoulder: postwoman. In most cases bags messengers are made of soft textiles or canvas and can be decorated by various elements (fasteners, rivets, tiny pockets, thongs).

  • the faultless choice for admirers of casual style;
  • the messenger from skin.

These are the semifixed models capable to contain quite large volumes of things. Models support no more than two-three offices and are equipped with an external pocket, the closed top valve. There are no tough rules how to choose a men’s bag messenger. It is the universal attribute perfectly suitable to any image (except sports);
the tablet — the tiny copy of the above described analogs. This type of a bag for men is made only of skin and equipped no more than three departments; sports bag. The accessory is supplied with a belt for socks through a shoulder and side pockets. Material of similar products — textiles or canvas. As fasteners lightnings are used.

Tnut — one of types of multipurpose attribute representing a combination of a sports accessory and an economic trunk.

The sac is the men’s leather bags serving as an original alternative to sports backpacks. The model will be to the taste to judges of strict official style, persons interested to go to a long comfortable travel. The main advantage of the choice — spaciousness.

What men’s bag to choose: type of carrying and form of fasteners of an accessory
It is possible to classify accessories by a method of carrying a product as follows: on a short and long belt (carrying by an armpit or through a shoulder), on handles of average length or adjustable belts (for carrying around an elbow), on shoulder straps (distribution of freight behind the back, on one shoulder), zone fastening or a short handle (hand luggage).

Among a modern variety of models it is possible to choose elements with the following types of locks:

  • lightning, one or several fasteners;
  • the top valve equipped with a fastener magnet or a thong;
  • frame lock;
  • the top coupler (it is relevant for sports models).

Men’s leather bags and textile options

Genuine leather — not only accessory contents are reliable to protect the most demanded and practical material capable, but also it is favorable to emphasize style of the owner. Among a variety of leather accessories the products which underwent additional processing are especially appreciated (material becomes impregnated with the special additives protecting a product from moisture, pollution, attritions).

It is easy to clean a leather bag from pollution. It keeps elegant appeal throughout all operational term, and at due leaving very beautifully “grows old”, buying vintage patina.

If you prefer youth and sports style — it is better to stop the choice on products from cotton and synthetic fabrics. Such accessory attracts with an interesting variety of forms and coloring, differs in moisture resistance and are very easily cleaned from dirt (some products can be erased in the washing machine).

The answer to a question, what bags does not exist better. It is an individual question of taste and practicality, even among the best and expensive real leather accessories absolutely tasteless and “imperceptible” models while, apparently, the most ordinary fabric postwoman or a backpack will introduce a missing note at image can come across.

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