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Selection Colour Of Bags

select colour bag

Bag — an accessory on which perception of an image of the woman in general therefore it is very important to choose it correctly depends. It is optional to select this detail of clothes to match with footwear or clothes, today it is worth trying to pick up clothes under already available fashionable bag. Options of combinations are various: it is only necessary to know the general recommendations of how it is correct to carry it.

Councils of stylists

colour of bag

Stylists draw the attention of women that today the coloring of a leather handbag can be selected without thinking about tone of footwear. And if you want to be in a trend, it is necessary to study the palette offered by designers. In 2019 it is red and its shades: claret, fuchsia, pink and others.

Models of a classical form of a beige or powdery shade will be suitable for warm season. Also backpacks which represent addition to shape in style a punk rock, casual or a military today are relevant. Here and a coloring it is already possible to select not boring gray or black, and any color range.

In response to a question of how to choose color of a bag for the fall and winter, the community of stylists urges women to refuse a traditional autumn palette. In this season fashionable combinations include wine shades, royal blue, yellow, deep green, silvery and a shade of a fuchsia. If to adopt these councils, the fall and winter will please with saturated emotions.

How to pick up color to clothes and footwear?

Correctly to combine a bag and footwear, it is possible to pick up them to match, but as we already wrote, it is absolutely optional. Do not you know with what to carry a bag of color of a fuchsia or other bright coloring? Try to play with shades. For example, to dark gray boots to pick up gray-blue model, and to brown couple — coffee with milk. But if you chose for the image suitable footwear, and it the bright memorable coloring, then the accessory is better to choose quieter.

If there is no wish to combine an accessory shade with footwear, tie him to clothes. At the same time you have several options of the choice of combinations:

  • under clothes — it is possible to pick up a handbag under tone of a dress, skirt, blouse;
  • in one of tones of clothes — if on you things with a print, the drawing, it is possible to combine color of a bag with one of the shades which are present at clothes;
  • on contrast — the strict black-and-white dress will play absolutely in a different way if to add to it a clutch of color a metallic.

Many women are interested what color the bag will approach everything. We answer: black, brown, gray, beige.

You are surprised, but there is also a non-standard answer to this question, is a model of color a metallic. It is very convenient when in clothes there is a basic evening handbag of a shade a bronze metallic: it extends on elegance even unpretentious clothes. This color of a bag will approach any clothes on a secular exit even better, than silvery or classical black.

Form bag

form woman bagPay attention to a form which prevails in a set. The square silhouette of a jacket will be successfully emphasized, for example, by a rectangular handbag in tone.

The business lady is recommended to carry strict and solid models, ideally — envelopes of soft tones.

Soft shapeless styles are optimum for shopping. Council from stylists for young owners of models bags: to combine opaque and brilliant materials, the coloring can be any bright, but in this case it is better to choose footwear quiet shades.

Pattern bag

Correctly to pick up color, try not to copy a print pattern in accuracy. It is better to make a delicate hint on repeatability of a pattern. This rule is especially relevant when using animalistic prints: do not try to restore color of a bag with a leopard print in clothes.

Will not cause oversaturation a set in which the bag with flowers is combined with small earrings carnations or pendants on a bracelet in the form of florets. Or if circles on a backpack are repeated by peas on gym shoes.

General image bag

Ideal coloring that approaches an image of the woman in general:

  • the integrity of an image of romantic nature which likes to dress up in light sundresses with a flower print in the summer can break a dark brown clutch from skin, and lovers of casual style will definitely not suit a bag of powdery color with rhinestones;
  • if you like clothes of saturated tones, choose accessories monophonic or the quiet shade — in your image should not be more than 4-5 flowers;
  • if a pearl of an image — powdery accessories, it is possible to pick up a handbag of a bright coloring, orange or saturated-claret;
  • to conservative ladies who do not love experiments with a color palette once the model chooses beige, black, gray or brown colors, they approach practically everything.

We told how to pick up color of a bag to clothes and other elements of an image and also to the general image. What specifically model to choose? Tu which shows to advantage most: approaches not only on a coloring, but also by the size, style, a style.

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