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Care of leather bags

Genuine leather bags — the effective and stylish accessory faultlessly suitable to any image. That the product long time kept initial appeal and a luster, it is necessary to choose correctly means and to look after in due time elegant attribute. How to look after a leather bag: basic rules of operation Care of a leather bag consists not only in the correct storage or removal of pollution, but also adequate use. That the accessory pleased as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations: Genuine leather does not pass moisture, but can be spoiled by excessive abundance of water. To avoid a deplorable outcome it is necessary to process a product special protective substances from time to time (tokonole, creams, sprays, other — the choice of optimum and  care product depends on material and preferences of the owner). The main thing governed — before operation of attribute to wait for full drying of the protectant. If the handbag had to visit in the rain or plentiful snowfall, you should not dry at once it the hair dryer or to stack on the hot battery — the product will perfectly dry independently at the room temperature. That the handbag kept initial